Welcome to The Vast, a NWN persistent world server based in the Forgotten Realms.

The Vast launched out of beta at the beginning of 2003, and ran 24/7 for years; after 2007 it had its ups and downs, on and off times, and in 2012 was brought back to life by its original creators after a few years offline.

The setting is at the foot of – and into – the Earthspur Mountains,
north of the River Vesper at the far northern end of The Vast
where goblins, orcs, and other foul evils besiege the land.

GameSpy no longer lists NWN servers, so you must use Direct Connect.
Enter the following address in the Direct Connect box when you join internet multiplayer:


The Vast uses the CEP 2.4 HAK, the tilesets from Project Q, and a compilation of other Vast-specific hak files; you must have these installed to log in to the server. You must also have NWN and both BioWare expansions (SoU & HotU), and have the final BioWare patch (1.69) installed to join.

(Get all the HAK files you need to play The Vast)

Bioware no longer offers them, but you can still download all the final 1.69 patches here!

We recommend 7-Zip as your totally free extractor program: www.7-zip.org