About Us


Our objective is to be a well-balanced role-playing community that incorporates storylines developed by both DMs and players; feel free to create personal stories as you role-play. The DMs are listening to your imaginative play, and are interested in the work you put into the development of a personality for your character. They may (and do) take actions based on things you say or do as you build your character over time; your actions may affect the course of DM run plots. A DM may award experience for the effort you put into role-playing your character. Consistent and sincere role-playing is greatly appreciated.

Advancement on this server is not rapid, and magical items are not plentiful. If your only objective is to gain power quickly, then you will not be happy here. If you like to feel as though you have earned your level and items, and enjoy really slipping into your character’s skin, then this may be the place for you.

We ask you to stay in-character while on the server. It takes every member of the community to support one another in staying in-character. It takes only one person acting and speaking out-of-character (OOC) to bring down the level of role-play throughout an entire group.

Role-playing is very much a learned skill, if you wish to learn more about role-playing your character, we suggest you observe veteran role-players. Some players may be willing to offer role-playing advice via private tells or in a private OOC meeting, and we appreciate those of you who do help others to learn. If they have time, DMs may also be willing to offer advice on role-playing. We particularly encourage you to explore our forums.

Do not worry if your typing skills are not great, or if you are a novice role-player. We as a community will offer advice where we can, and we appreciate your interest in role-playing, as well as your efforts to learn.