Additional Spells

We have modified the selection of spells for certain classes to add some spells these classes were given in PnP, but not given in NWN. We also made a game master judgement call on a couple of other spells, and broadened access to them as well.

Below is a list of the affected spells, followed by the extra classes receiving the spells, with the spell level in parentheses:

  • Barkskin – Ranger(2)
  • Cat’s Grace – Druid(2)
  • Combust – Druid(2)
  • Endurance – Druid(2), Ranger(2)
  • Flame Weapon – Druid(2)
  • Fox’s Cunning – Druid(2)
  • Freedom of Movement – Bard(4)
  • Gust of Wind – Druid(2)
  • Lesser Restoration – Paladin(1)
  • Owl’s Wisdom – Druid(2), Paladin(2), Ranger(2)
  • Remove Curse – Paladin(3)
  • Remove Fear – Bard(1)
  • Restoration – Paladin(4)
  • Spike Growth – Ranger(2)