We use the 3E Crafting System.

3E crafting (setting your skills, viewing your skill choices, skill information, etc.) is accessed via your BioWare crafting radial menu; the crafting dialog you normally see when activating this button has been customized for 3E Crafting (we have also added other functions to it in this module).

Crafting is completely optional. You do not have to craft items if you don’t wish.

Crafting Skills
The first time you activate the crafting conversation in the crafting radial menu, you will be prompted to assign each of the three Bioware crafting skills (the ones that show up on your character sheet – Armor, Weapon, and Trap Crafting) to one of the seven available 3E crafting skills. Once you assign the three skills, there is no going back, so take the time to read the information given in the menu and make an informed choice. You may only practice three crafting skills.

You may assign your three Bioware skills to any of the seven available 3E skill choices, but once you do, your choices are permanent.

Your skill choices are:

  • Weapon Crafting
  • Armor Crafting
  • Blacksmithing – crafting tools and smelting ore and ingots.
  • Tailoring
  • Jewellery Making
  • Leatherworking
  • Bowmaking

Note: Trap Making was removed as the eighth skill in this current edition of 3E, and you must reassign that skill to one of the other 3E skills instead. There is a dialog that explains the reason for the removal of Craft Trap.

All crafting skills require the use of the proper crafting station, you cannot craft just anywhere.

Crafting Feats

3E Crafting also allows the creation of magical potions, scrolls, and other items by choosing the appropriate feats. Through the default BioWare system, we already have Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion, and Craft Wand. 3E uses these options, but also adds some others.

Because there are no actual feats for the remaining crafting feats available in PnP, 3E makes use of feats that are available in NWN. Certain non-crafting feats have been assigned to do double duty with the 3E system. To gain the ability to perform one of the 3E PnP crafting feats, you must choose its correlating NWN feat.

The 3E feats and their correlating NWN feats are as follows:

  • Brew Potion: Uses Brew Potion feat.
  • Scribe Scroll: Uses Scribe Scroll feat.
  • Craft Wand: Uses Craft Wand feat.
  • Attune Gem: Uses the feat Spell Focus: Transmutation, and requires a caster level of 1.
  • Craft Magical Arms and Armor: Uses the feat Weapon Focus: Club, and requires a caster level of 5.
  • Forge Ring: Uses the feat Spell Focus: Abjuration, and requires a caster level of 12.
  • Craft Staff: Uses the feat Skill Focus: Lore, and requires a caster level of 12.
  • Craft Wondrous Item: Uses the feat Skill Focus: Spellcraft, and requires a caster level of 3.
  • Note: Craft Rod: Not permitted; nothing remotely similar to 3E rods in NWN.

All crafting feats, except Scribe Scroll and Attune Gem, require the use of the proper crafting station.

Crafting Materials
In general, crafting materials must either be gathered or purchased, and crafting tools must either be made by a blacksmith or purchased. Sometimes these items can be found.

Metals and Gems

  • Ores for weapons and jewellery must be mined out of minable rock (found in caves and abandoned mines).
  • Ingots must be smelted out of ore in a Blacksmith’s Forge by a blacksmith.
  • Rough gems must be mined or found, and then cut into finished gems at a Jeweller’s Bench.
  • Precious metal ingots may be fashioned into jewellery at a Jeweller’s Bench.
  • Note: Mining is unskilled labor, and anyone who can wield a Miner’s Pick (Martial Weapon Prificiency feat required), can hack away at minable rocks.

Tailor’s Supplies

  • All tailor’s supplies must be purchased.
  • You will not be forced to raise sheep or silkworms, or harvest natural fibers

Leatherworking Supplies

  • Hides and Sinews may be taken from animals using the Skinning Knife item.
  • Tanning Salt and Tanning Oil must be purchased.

Bowyer’s Supplies

  • Sinews may be taken from animals using the Skinning Knife item.
  • All other bowmaking materials must be purchased.

Availability of Crafting Stations

The following stations are publicly available to all:

  • Weaponsmithing
  • Armorsmithing
  • Blacksmithing
  • Bowmaking
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring

The following stations are only available on a limited basis:

  • Potion Brewer’s Workbenches
  • Staff and Wand Crafting Benches
  • Jeweller’s Benches

You may need to belong to a group to gain access to one of the above the restricted stations. PCs may also possess crafting stations in their residences.

Stations for crafting rings, magical arms and armor, and wondrous items are not currently available.