HAKs Required to Play on The Vast

We use a number of HAKs to enhance features and take advantage of some of the awesome custom content that’s been created for Neverwinter Nights over the years.

Installing a Hak Pak

When you download a Hak Pak (a package of .hak files), you’ll need to unzip it, and then copy all the files to the “hak” folder inside your NWN game installation (example: C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\hak). You must also copy any included .tlk files to the “tlk” folder in your installation (example: C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\tlk).

You will need 7-Zip to extract/unzip the hak files (it’s totally free, and a really great program):

Once you’ve installed 7-Zip and downloaded the .7z hak file, you should be able to right click the .7z file and choose the option “7-Zip > Extract Here” from the menu. It will extract a folder to the same location (for instance, your desktop if that’s where you downloaded the hak file). Open the folder and copy just the .hak files inside to your game’s hak folder. If you’re installing CEP 2.4, then also copy the .tlk file from CEP’s package to your game’s tlk folder. For players, that’s really all there is to it.

What You Need to Play on The Vast

Follow these three simple steps to get your NWN installation ready for The Vast.

  1. We use CEP version 2.4 on the server. If you already have version 2.4 installed, then you can skip to step two. If you do not have CEP 2.4, then please download it from here:
    CEP 2.4 direct download from neverwintervault.org
    Remember to copy the .tlk files from CEP into your “tlk” folder, (specifically: cep23_v1.tlk).
  2. We use the tilesets from Project Q v2.0, so if you already have Project Q v2.0 installed, then you can skip to step three. If you don’t have it installed, then please do only one of the following:
  3. Download and install our compilation of hak files and copy them to your NWN/hak folder.
    Direct download from us
    Contents: vs_creatures, s_footpaths, vs_forest, vs_rural, vs_top, vs_toro_rural, biomines, DHT_plt_pack, MedievalRural, pas_dwarvhall_vs
    Note: If you already have the most recent versions of biomines (by Zwerkules), MedievalRural (by Zwerkules), or DHT_plt_pack installed in your hak folder, then you do not need to overwrite them with those files from step 3. You still must install the other files; if you’re not sure, you may simply install everything, and overwrite if you’re asked.

Now go play!

Credits (Expanded credits coming soon)

Here’s what we used, many thanks to everyone on this list, and thank you to all the folks who have made Neverwinter Nights better over the years!

  • Community Expansion Pack (CEP)
  • Project Q
  • Toro’s Rural Tileset Expansion (with Vast-specific customizations)
  • Medieval Rural Tileset by Zwerkules
  • Biomines (Mines/Cavern override with ceilings and lava pits) by Zwerkules
  • Elements of Zwerkules’ Bioforest package (various textures and tiles)
  • Dwarven Halls by Pasilli (R.I.P. Pasilli, and thank you for all the work you did for NWN while you were here on this Earth)  – small modifications made for The Vast
  • Coloured eyes, lips, and eyebrows by DeathFace (RestlessKnight)
  • Kobold reskins by C.R.A.P. (Classic Roleplay Adaption Project Team)
  • Goblins by Lord of Worms/EvilAsmo & SebastianCain
  • Skeletons, wight, ghast, mohrg, doom knight, lich, demilich, dracolich by _six (sixesthrice)
  • Ghouls by Lord of Worms and Diademus (Baba Yaga) with reskin by Adinz
  • Zombies by Lord of Worms and Diademus (Baba Yaga)
  • Carrion crawler, bullywugs, ettercaps, owlbears, and tarantula style spiders by Baba Yaga
  • Additional BioWare spells for some classes mod by Algernon’s Ghost
  • Rural tileset footpaths mod by Algernon’s Ghost
  • Integration work for The Vast done by Algernon’s Ghost