Cheats and Exploits

Dropping items and/or gold from one of your characters, then re-logging with a different character and picking them up is known as twinking. We consider this cheat to be unfair to all other players, and to be a serious offense against both the server rules and decent behavior. Twinking will result in you being immediately banned, period.

Passing items to other players to hold for one of your other characters is also considered twinking.

Using one of your characters to loot the corpse of another of your dead characters will also be considered twinking. There is typically no in character reason your new character would know anything about your old, dead character. Never use one character to loot the drop bag belonging to another of your characters; never transfer items in any way between your characters.

Logging to Cheat Death
If you die, or will likely die, please accept that fact and go through the proper channels to be brought back to life. If a DM witnesses you logging off the server to cheat death, you will be sent directly to the Fugue Plane upon your return.

This is a serious breach of role-playing behavior, as there is no in-character way to simply disappear to avoid death.

The Use of Exploits
The use of any exploits or bugs that allow you to duplicate items, acquire gold, recover used spells and feats without resting, gain xp, get more attacks in combat than you should have, or escape death is strictly prohibited. Cheating is never fair to the honest members of the community, and will not be tolerated here. If you use exploits, expect to be caught, and expect consequences.

Exploiting the Creature AI
We all know the creature AI cannot measure up to human intelligence. If you commonly exploit the faults in the AI, a DM may drop extra monsters, and/or assume control of the monsters for that encounter. Expect things to get very rough if you are a regular AI exploiter. If you’re not using these exploits, then you have nothing to worry about. Our DMs aren’t there to kill the players; they are there to add some extra fun, excitement, adventure, and story to the game.

We believe most people know when they are intentionally using an exploit.

Some of the common AI exploits include, but are not limited to:

Tethering” or “Kiting” – Attracting one or two creatures, then running away from those creatures so they chase you, and firing arrows “from your backside” the entire time until they have been killed. This is a very common solo power-gaming technique, and is typically accomplished by running in a small circle within one area.

Another scenario is when two archers get a monster between them and the AI alternately tries to attack each archer, and only ends up ping-ponging in the center, never reaching a target. This technique has no basis in realism as it would pick one of the archers to attack and have at it (or possibly just run away to try to get more monster help).

If it feels like you’re playing a video game and taking advantage of a software limitation (some might call it a “feature”), then you shouldn’t be doing it.

The Transition Exploit – When being chased, it is possible to trick a creature into giving up it’s pursuit by hitting a transition, then running back into the area or off to the side as the PC avatar fades. This technique fools the AI into thinking you have changed direction, and tells the monster to chase you in the new direction, even though you are really traveling through the transition. There is just simply no reason a creature should not be able to follow you through the mouth of that cave, or over that imaginary line in the road. This is another favored technique of the solo power-gamer.

Running and Ranged Attacks
The rule to follow regarding ranged attacks would be that your character has to stop running long enough to allow the attack animation to play out. We’ll consider that long enough for your character to realistically stop, take the necessary time to aim, and fire properly. It also realistically allows the pursuing monster to catch up a little bit.

Multiple Game Client Installations
Using a second NWN game client to exploit or gain an advantage for your character by having a second character logged in is prohibited. This would include, but is not limited to parking a cleric somewhere nearby to heal your main character, using a second character in your party of two as a meat shield while also gaining party xp for your first character who hangs back from the fights, or using a wizard to buff up your main character.

If you have a valid reason to run two characters at once, please inform a DM that your are doing this. You must never allow them to be partied. Whether partied or not, any use of a second client to exploit the game or gain an unfair advantage is considered cheating and may result in both of your CD keys being banned.