There is a fine line between playing a PC that is crude, and harassing other players. This server is open to the public, and will accept sincere, mature role-playing behavior; however, if other players complain that you are harassing them, the situation will be investigated. If a DM determines you are being harassing or troublesome, you will be banned by cd key, player ID, and IP address (which could affect the ability of anyone else sharing your CD or internet connection to join the server).

Sexual Harassment
We absolutely do not tolerate any sexually harassing behavior on this server (either in or out of character), and you will be banned for such behavior, plain and simple.

The Depiction of Sexual Violence
Under no circumstances will we allow depictions of sexual violence – no matter how small – on either our forums, or on our server.

We would like to make it known that as a matter of policy, our DM team will absolutely never depict events of sexual violence, and will never ask any player to participate in events of sexual violence. We hold ourselves up as an example to follow where this is concerned, and expect all players to follow that example.

It does not matter how “realistic” it may seem to depict such things, we are drawing a clear line here. The server and these forums are open to the public, and underage (sometimes far under age) children play here.

Please keep these things in mind for the good of the community.

Other Notes
Additionally, we also wish to communicate that, in general, specific role-playing actions performed by NPCs are the domain of the DMs, and while some actions are automated by the game (fighting and killing) and attitudes are at times implied by the nature of a given creature, placing certain detailed actions and personalities upon any NPCs must remain within the DM’s purview.