PvP & PK

Is PvP and PK allowed?
In a word, NO. Player Versus Player combat and Player Killing is not allowed and is grounds for immediate banning by cd key, which means anyone using your play cd will not be allowed on this server. We also reserve the right to ban you by IP address. Be responsible if you share a play cd or internet connection with another person. Unauthorized PvP and PK is disrespectful to the other players and to the server. If your goal is simply to cause trouble with other players, go elsewhere, you will be banned from this server.

The only exceptions to this rule are as follows:

  1. A DM may approve player requested PvP between two players who have mutually consented to combatting each other, and who understand the risks to their characters. This is usually done as part of a storyline (let’s say a duel or a long running enmity by way of example), and the DM must remain present to supervise the entire time.
  2. A DM, for any number of reasons, may declare PvP/PK between two or more characters. All characters involved will be informed of the details of the situation. The DM may set any time limit he wishes on this scenario, that is, he may state that legal PvP/PK permission ends at a specific time, on a specific day.

What if I am attacked and/or killed by a player?
If you are attacked, you may of course defend yourself. You should also contact a DM to report the situation as soon as possible. Please make a screen capture showing the attack in your combat history window; pressing the ‘print screen’ key will take a screen capture. We will need the exact character name and, if possible, the offending player’s ID to take appropriate action.