Food, Hunting, & Fishing

The Use of Food Items
You may purchase some food items, or skin animals and fish for a wider variety of meat items.

Cooked food items and other food items (food rations, eggs, soup, etc.) are consumed when you rest; you will not be able to rest if you do not have food in your inventory.

Each consumable food item has a single use unique power. When this ability is used, the food item will be consumed, and one Hit Point will be restored to your PC. The restoration of this sinlge HP will only function once between rest periods, though you may continue to consume as much food as you like.

You will not be required to remember to make your character eat and drink to avoid starvation and dehydration. We assume your character does this on a regular basis, though many players will even role-play sharing food at times.

If you have an animal companion (druids and rangers), you may feed it raw food items by using the unique power of that item on the animal, and it will consume them. Feeding an animal companion has no effect other than to provide flavor to the game – the animal will emote when it is fed.

This is based on the Hardcore Ruleset (HCR), with custom modifications and additions.

The Skinning Knife
You may use a skinning knife to obtain Raw Meat items such as Raw Venison and Raw Boar Meat from killed animals. To use the skinning knife, you must equip it to your weapon slot. You must also be close to the animal upon which you wish to work. You must then use the unique power of the skinning knife on the corpse of the animal. Raw Meat items, and possibly a hide and sinews (used in crafting), will then be created in the inventory of the animal’s corpse.

This is a heavily modified version of the HCR skinning system.

You may seek out a fishing hole and try to catch fish if you have a fishing pole or rod. Look along the edges of water for narrow blue triggers (most fishing holes also have a useable “release point” nearby where you can “release” unwanted fish or other caught items back into the water). If you have a fishing pole or rod in your inventory when you click on one of these triggers, you will automatically begin fishing there.

Over time spent fishing, your fishing skill will increase. At first, some PCs may have a greater natural aptitude for fishing than others.

Once you have caught a fish, you may use the Fillet Knife item on the fish item directly in your inventory to attempt to cut the fish into Raw Fillets. These fillets may then be cooked over a campfire to make cooked fish items, which will function as any other food item.

Fishing is taken from UOAbigail’s crafting system, and has been slightly modified.

The Tinderbox and Campfires
You may create a campfire with a Tinderbox item (which has a limited number of uses), and cook Raw Meat items on it (using the item’s unique power and targetting the fire) to make Cooked Food items.

These items are part of the HCR.