Healing Ability & Medicine Bags

Dying characters may be stabilized without the use of magical healing by using the Heal Ability item or by using a Medicine Bag. These are components of the Hardcore Ruleset (HCR).

The Heal Ability Item
You are also given the ability to stabilize the dying by using the Healing Ability item. Every new character is given the Healing Ability item upon entering the module; this item cannot be dropped or lost. This item may only be used to stabilize a dying (bleeding) person, and does not apply the +2 bonus given by using a Medicine Bag. Healing attempts are made using the healer’s Heal skill; the more skill points a PC has in Heal, the greater the chance of success.

Medicine Bags
When using Medicine Bags, the Healing skill check is made with a +2 bonus. Medicine Bags may be used to stabilize anyone who is bleeding to death, and will allow the healer to attempt to cure poison or disease (on a successful heal check, based on the PC’s Heal skill plus the +2 bonus of the Medicine Bag).

This is a non-HCR invention unique to The Vast. You will find Balmberry Bushes growing around the module. Use of the berry heals one HP, and can also stabilize the dying.