Scripted Quests

Some of our scripted quests are repeatable, and some are not. Among those that are repeatable, some may be repeated after every server reset, and some will require a number of server resets before you may repeat them. Quests which are repeatable after a number of server resets do require that you log into the server at some point after each reset to advance your character’s counter for each of these quests.

Check your journal for entries (or lack of them) after you log into the Lobby to know which quests you have recently done. If you do not see a quest listed, then you might be able to repeat it.

Different quests may have different criteria that must be met before your character may obtain them. These criteria include, but are not limited to, class type and level, overall level, alignment, and religious affiliation.

<<<<< Warning!!! Quest Location Spoiler Below >>>>>

Some scripted quests may be found by visiting the following areas or NPCs:

In Dragon Dale

  • The Wayfarer’s kitchen (low levels).
  • The Rough and Tumble (low levels).
  • The Dale kids (low levels, can only be done once each).
  • One of the town guards (any first level).
  • Captain Sheera Simo (any class at 1st level, fighters and paladins thereafter).

In River Vesper Landing

  • The docks along the waterfront (low levels, mixed).

In the Mhyrrwood Ranger Camp

  • Isendur (non-evil rangers, repeatable after a number of server resets).