Skill, Domain, & Feat Changes

Skill Changes

Appraise is not used in this module. We set up a certain economy from the beginning, and didn’t want Appraise altering that when it was added to NWN.

Domain Changes

Clerical Death Domain
The summoned Shadow creature will stay summoned for 1 hour per clerical level.

If you are of a good or neutral alignment (on the good/evil axis) you will receive an alignment shift toward evil each time you summon your shadow. Good clerics receive a greater shift than neutral clerics.

Feat Changes

Summoning Animal Companions
We have modified the game so that druids and rangers must meet minimum Animal Empathy skill requirements to keep certain animal companions. Only the base AE skill is counted (ability and item bonuses do not count toward the minimum skill needed). A multi-classed Druid/Ranger character will be considered a druid if his druid levels are greater than his ranger levels; if ranger levels are equal to or greater than druid levels, then he will be considered a ranger. The following companions are restricted (all others are available at level 1):

Animal Type: Minimum Base AE Skill Required by Class:

  • Bear: Druid 10 AE/Ranger 16 AE
  • Boar: Druid 6 AE/Ranger 12 AE
  • Dire Wolf: Druid 9 AE/Ranger 15 AE
  • Panther: Druid 6 AE/Ranger 12 AE

Summoning Familiars
Wizards and sorcerers must be level seven or higher to keep the following familiars:

  • Imp
  • Ice Mephit
  • Fire Mephit
  • Hell Hound
  • Faerie Dragon
  • Pseudo Dragon

This is based on the Improved Familiar feat in the Forgotten Realms. These creatures were grouped together because of their uniqueness and nature. All other familiars are available at level one.

Note: The Eyeball familiar is not available in this module, this was a DM judgement call made in the interest of reasonable “reality” (it was deemed silly for this type of familiar to be available to any PC within this setting).

Turn Undead
Clerics and Paladins must carry a holy/unholy symbol to turn undead. Two types of symbols are available: amulets, and hand-held symbols. The symbol must be equipped to function.

Evil Clerics may now dominate the most powerful undead creature that was supposed to be destroyed. The rest of the undead that were meant to die will now follow the cleric.

Determining the turning levels for pure Paladins and Paladin/Cleric multiclass is now correct as per the PHB.

Wild Shape
The druid’s Wild Shape transformations will become dire versions of the animals at eight levels of druid, rather than twelve levels of druid.

This is more in line with the PHB, which allows the druid to take the form of large sized creatures at eighth level.

Druids may also now select many additional custom wild shapes beginning at level 5 by choosing categories of forms from the modified crafting radial menu. The selection of a custom shape-set must be made prior to using the Wild Shape feat, and will replace the previous set until changed, or until a server reset occurs. Eighth level druids may choose either the dire forms or original non-dire forms of the five default animal choices. Dire forms are not available for the additional shapes we added.