The Lobby & Starting Points

There are many starting points offered in the module’s lobby. After each server reset, your character will begin in the lobby, and may choose from the available starting points. We do this rather than make you start where you left off because if your character is in a dangerous location when the server resets or crashes, your character would likely be killed after being ported back there automatically. It’s better to choose to return to a nearby safe location, rather than be forced to return to a death-trap.

After a reset, you may also meet with friends in the lobby’s OOC area to discuss play (or anything else) before going back in game.

The lobby also contains some information regarding the server.

Lobby Portals
All named portals allow access to safe starting points. New characters must start in Dragon Dale, and once your character reaches third level, he may start in River Vesper Landing from the lobby. The Ranger Camp becomes available as a starting point to druids and rangers at level three, and everyone else at level four. The portals to Elder’s Vineyard and the Dwarven Hold are available to everyone at level six. Other portals require a special token item before they will allow you to pass into the world.

If your character belongs to a guild or is “apprenticed” to an NPC, you may choose to start there by using the special power of the guild’s key while in the Lobby.

Character Residences
If your character owns a residence, then you may begin there by using the special power of your residence’s key while in the Lobby.

Other Starting Points
The Alternative Travel Coordinator offers alternate starting points based upon your character’s level. These are in generally safe zones, but do have the potential to be dangerous. Often, your character will have to pass through dangerous areas to leave an alternate starting point. If you are unfamiliar with the location of an offered choice, you may wish to go there in game first, rather than risking being ported into the odd, rare dangerous situation.

The Custom Starting Point
At fourth level, characters may set a custom starting point once they are in world. This option is found in the customized crafting menu. To go to your saved custom starting point, you must speak to the Alternative Travel Coordinator in the Lobby.