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  • SEO and content marketing: An essential combo (explained)

    SEO and content marketing: An essential combo (explained)

    Are you ready to skyrocket your website’s visibility, attract the right audience and enhance user experience? Combining SEO and content marketing to a craft strategy is essential to achieving those… Continue reading
    November 20, 202312 min read
  • Need an SEO content checker? These are the top 7

    Need an SEO content checker? These are the top 7

    Are you struggling to get your website noticed in the vast ocean of online content? Fear not, an SEO content checker might just be the lifeboat you need. In this… Continue reading
    November 20, 202311 min read
  • Content strategy in SEO: How to grow visits by 300% in one year

    Content strategy in SEO: How to grow visits by 300% in one year

    Are you tired of your content not getting the attention it deserves? Feel like you’re just throwing words into the void, hoping something sticks? Fret not! In this comprehensive guide… Continue reading
    November 20, 202316 min read
  • The 10 best content planning tools for 2023

    The 10 best content planning tools for 2023

    Whether you’re building an app or website from the ground up or adding to existing content, the organization of planned information should forever be on the top of your shortlist… Continue reading
    March 14, 202314 min read
  • Social media manager interview questions

    10 common social media manager interview questions & answers

    Interviews can be so stressful at times — for all involved. Waking up early and getting dressed nicely to go meet a stranger about a job. The candidate desperately needed… Continue reading
    March 14, 202318 min read
  • How to become a content strategist

    How to become a content strategist (with portfolio examples)

    Content marketing works (you’re here after all), but producing content without a strategy won’t amount to much. An overarching plan is what allows you and your marketing team to create… Continue reading
    August 4, 202211 min read
  • SEO Project Management

    SEO project management: how to manage SEO tasks effectively

    Are your competitors outranking you? What does it take to make it to that coveted top spot on Google? Shoot, what if you’re not even showing up on the first… Continue reading
    March 2, 202213 min read
  • Content management strategy

    Website content management strategy: How-to + free template

    Content requires management. Think about it, not only do you have various types of content in your arsenal, from social to website content and beyond, you also have content creators… Continue reading
    January 19, 202212 min read
  • GatherContent Alternatives

    Best GatherContent alternatives (top 7 similar competitors)

    Collecting, storing and preparing content – whether it’s for an existing or new website – is very much one of the most important things you’ll do in the planning phase… Continue reading
    January 13, 202215 min read
  • Content Inventory

    Create a killer website content inventory in 7 steps

    [Insert a cliche about the importance of content here.] You’ve heard ‘em all but, truth be told, people are coming to your site for your content. Period. Knowing exactly what… Continue reading
    January 11, 20227 min read
  • Find a writer

    How to find the best content writer for your website [Guide]

    If you’re building a new website, don’t save your content for last. Just like the layout or any other feature, the writing that you’ll include is critically important, and should… Continue reading
    June 7, 20219 min read
  • 5 Content Trends

    5 Content Management Trends Emerging in 2020

    Content management is on the rise with the demands of content resources constantly evolving across organizations. Read about how you can respond to content management trends in 2018, from watching on the sideline to preparing for adoption into your content culture. Continue reading
    January 5, 20206 min read
  • Conferences

    2020 Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss: Design, Content Strategy, & Digital Marketing

    If you’re eager for a road trip in 2019 or in the future, why not visit a new place and learn new stuff about design, content strategy, or digital marketing in the process? There are hundreds of conferences sprinkled across the United States and around the world that focus on content and content strategy, design and development, accessibility, search engine optimization, and more. But how do you choose where to put your money and time? Continue reading
    December 17, 20198 min read
  • help center solutions

    Top 20 Help Center Solutions for 2020

    Think your website doesn’t need support options? Think again. Every website has a user and every user could potentially need help. Plus, how a website provides that help significantly impacts the user experience. Thankfully, today’s online support options include more than a few help pages. Below are some of the top help center solutions for 2018. Continue reading
    December 1, 20199 min read
  • Freelance Writers

    How & Where to Hire Freelance Writers

    Content marketing is huge. In 2018, 91% of B2B marketers used content marketing, and 82% of B2C marketers found it to be a key strategy for success. And yet, 60% of people find it difficult to create content consistently. Even if today’s theme is, “everybody’s a writer”, that doesn’t make everybody a good writer. It doesn’t mean that everybody’s content is going to produce results for your business, like generating leads or converting prospects. Continue reading
    September 17, 201911 min read
  • Social Media Calendar

    Creating a Social Media Calendar, the Easy Way

    Have you thought about building a social media calendar, but didn’t because you thought it would be too much work? Not only is that a bad idea, but it’s also simply not true. Creating a social media calendar doesn’t have to be hard, especially when you start with a template. Continue reading
    July 3, 20198 min read
  • Technical SEO Blog

    Technical SEO: Low Hanging Fruit Blocking Your Website’s Success

    Everyone knows the value of content and words on a page. From page titles and meta descriptions to body copy, the words you use to describe your products, services, and brand are paramount to connect target users from search to your website. Although, while on-page keyword optimization is important, there’s a lot of off-page optimization happening that can greatly impact the success -- or failure -- of your site’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Continue reading
    October 25, 201810 min read
  • voice search

    Voice Search: It’s Here. Is Your Content Ready?

    Voice search is on the upswing around the world, but optimizing for this new shift in artificial intelligence (AI) and users on-the-go with voice-friendly devices shifts the way we marketers need to consider how we write and deliver content. Is your content ready for the voice evolution? Find out how to home in and focus on what matters to Siri, Alexa, and more. Continue reading
    August 29, 20187 min read
  • Local Listings Blog

    Why Your Local Listings Matter to SEO Strategy

    You see them on the sidebars of your favorite search engines: Local listings. If you’re not claiming your business’s local listings across the many digital platforms including social media and search engines, you may be missing opportunities to quickly deliver what your potential customers are looking for. Check out these tips for claiming and creating effective local listings to boost your SEO. Continue reading
    July 18, 20188 min read
  • 5 Tips Migration

    5 Tips for a Successful Content Migration

    Is it time to migrate your content? Don’t fret, the process doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. Besides, you were going to need to do it one day. Updates and migrations are a part of website development, and content migrations are critical to both website redesign and maintenance. Migrations are the final piece of the website perfecting puzzle; however, they need to be done correctly; otherwise, your new site may quickly become a user experience nightmare. Continue reading
    June 14, 201810 min read
  • How to Make Sure that Your Website is Up-to-Date: 10 Most Important Factors

    Today, when web technologies develop at a high speed, owning an eminent website looks like a hard work. Obviously, it is an understandable thing. First of all, there are so many features that appear every season or even month. Without a doubt, not all of them make sense but you never know for sure before you try them. Secondly, in the world of web design fashion is as unpredictable as it is for fashion-mongers. Thus, new web trends continue appearing, so we can see the long lists of them at the end of every year. The same thing is with colors, buttons, web fonts, photography, etc. The thing is that sometimes a strong desire to be in trend makes a user forget about significant points. Therefore, in this post, we put together 10 important factors that will help your website to be up-to-date. Continue reading
    April 17, 201812 min read
  • one page website

    When Should You Use a One Page Website?

    What if you could say everything that you needed to say on a single page without the hassle of menus? The one page website makes this a possibility, while also adding native responsiveness, an intense focus on content, and lowered design costs. However, with all great things, there is a cost, and this popular web design trend comes with its drawbacks. Continue reading
    December 20, 20178 min read
  • Want Better Service Quality? Start by Improving the Customer Experience

    Want Better Service Quality? Start by Improving the Customer Experience

    If a website or mobile app is designed to help users do something -- whether for business, pleasure or information, shouldn’t it, by definition, benefit that user? Most designers are aware of this principle; however they still struggle with utilizing it. Service quality, as a result, has become a relevant measurement of the success of a website or app. Service Quality is heavily based on the customer’s experience. The customer determines whether or not the service they received satisfied their initial expectations. Their experience will be what they base it on. If you want your customers to report better Service Quality, give them the experience they are looking for. Continue reading
    April 26, 20174 min read
  • Determining Blog and Content Categories

    If you are taking time to create blogs, articles, posts, and various website content that will drive traffic to your website, understanding content as it relates to your audience might… Continue reading
    December 11, 20142 min read